The Crystal Skull, when activated with integrity and love,
is a bridge to your heart consciousness.

It bridges your soul’s mission and earthy manifestation for your lifetime. We do not want to live a life of trying to survive, paying bills, and making it paycheck to paycheck. We want to live life fully alive, even when we still pay bills. Living fully alive means we can oscillate between the lessons we are here to learn and experience life the way we were designed to. Being fully present and open to the abundance, love, and beauty of life.

The crystal skull represents the human evolution in consciousness. The human skull has not changed since it appeared on our planet about 233,000 years ago. We are a living embodiment of our ancestors to date. For us to evolve, we must become aware of our shadows, our toxic tendencies, cultural beliefs, and the patterns of the ego. As we evolve, we integrate with what the Buddhist tradition speaks of, the middle way. The middle way of the heart is accepting what was, what is, and what will be—surrendering to a place of love that empowers one to see through the lens of the heart and create from the soul level. When you create from that space, you hold the torch of life, to just be with it all. You witness the pain and suffering along with the beauty and bliss. You come to the center and create from a neutral empowered heart.

That is the job of the crystal skull. To mirror back to you where you have closed your eyes and where you need to open your heart. It is steps in consciousness to your designed nature. It is unique to you and the fingerprint of your soul to put into creation in manifested form.

What Makes Our Skulls Different?

Each skull is cleared, cleaned, and activated within a sacred space. All skulls are activated with master skulls that were activated by ancient skulls: EarthKeeper, Sha Na Ra, and Max. These are ongoing working skulls within a Shamanic practice and sitting in with clients and students to heal and amplify what needs to be addressed. Each skull sits in daily ceremonies for the planet and private ceremonies for the community.

The job of the Crystal Skull:

Skulls are unique beings with direct reference to the ancestors. They are here to assist humanity in elevating consciousness with the Earth for greater healing. When you hold a crystal skull, it is to assist you in your personal evolutionary journey as it benefits the whole of humanity. They can show you where you are no longer in alignment in your life, out of balance in your values, and wasting precious life force energy around situations that do not need your management. Ultimately, their job is to simplify your mind and anchor you back into your body where life can be experienced to its fullest.

Why Crystal Skull Shaman?

Crystal skulls were never an obsession or accident for Sarah. Her passion for crystal skulls grew as she devoted her path to working with the ancestors, ultimately devoting herself to the path of the Shaman. While living in two worlds simultaneously, Sarah walks the line between Spirit and the Living. With the teaching and assistance from the ancestors, she answers the call of the crystal skulls. Taking them into her care for many years before releasing them to the public. Each skull holds a vibration that acts as a fingerprint to the realms of Spirit. These fingerprints call out to their caretakers so you can activate one another to the next phase of life. Since the human brain can only process so many frequencies at a time, it is vital that we anchor the memories into crystal skulls. This has been done for generations! When a fingerprint frequency calls to you, it is time to unlearn, recalibrate, and remember the core reason for life.

Understanding this deeper process, Sarah finds the root fingerprint of each skull and amplifies it to the surface. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most effective way is through large amounts of ceremony and care. Clearing each skull from the Earth from which it grew, to the stars from which the dust had fallen, to the universe to which its story began.

“When YOU hold a Crystal Skull, it holds you back.” A phrase that opens many questions to someone just starting out. It is an experience that will heal parts of you that need to be examined: a powerful tool and co-creator to have by your side in physical form.

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