About The Crystal Skull Shaman

Sarah Breen, the Crystal Skull Shaman, also known as the Earth School Shaman, has worked with crystals and skulls for over sixteen years. They say as you grow in Spirit, your tools grow with you. The skulls became a growing force that assisted her in her healing practice, ancestor healing, and creating balance within her life and family. To say it grew into a passion is an understatement. All skulls continually work in healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies, and large events to anchor peace, harmony, and expansion frequencies. Once her collection reached over 150 skulls, the call to share their wisdom teachings birthed with force. As you work with a crystal skull, they amplify the wisdom needed for you to transcend and heal a life situation. They genuinely are healing allies who have taken on the shape of our ancestors long before us. Many are treated like family members in cultures and traditions across the world. They are holding information for generations to come. Unsurprisingly, these skulls have made their way known through the Shamanic ways.

Story Time: The First Skull Mystical Skull Experience

It was a typical autumn day in New England—the leaves danced and floated to the ground in vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. Fall was in full swing, and Sarah was deep into her ancestral practice, building a deep bond with her wisest ancestors in Spirit. It was time for the afternoon nap for my oldest son. It’s that glorious time of the day when I could soak in the silence, sit and meditate, and occasionally do household work. But today was a different day. As the time neared for that afternoon nap, the ancestors started to drum. They signaled a meeting immediately, which was unusual at that time. As I put my son down for a nap, he fell asleep much faster than usual, which called me to my meditation cushion intensely. As I created my sacred space, my legs became weak, and I needed to sit down. From that position, Spirit took over, and my body went limp. Frightened at this experience, my ancestor immediately met me in my journey state and led us to the sacred fire where our normal meetings took place. Asking many questions along the way with no response was a bit unusual.

As I approached the fire, I noticed the crowd was larger than I was accustomed to for a random Tuesday. As I gently sat down, looking around the fire, my body again went limp psychically in my journey state. I could only move my eyes now. I felt my heart race as the sounds of digging into the Earth behind my body piqued my awareness. “I think I might die today?” I thought with a chill running down my spine. Still unable to move physically and psychically, two of my ancestors brought something wrapped in an animal hide over my head while placed it in front of my unmovable body. They slowly began to unwrap this object as if they were unwrapping a tomb of an ancient ancestor.

It looked dark in color with the reflection of the fire. It appeared to be shiny and clean for something that was just buried in the Earth. As I took a closer look, I realized it was a skull! Not a human bone skull but an actual crystal skull. Deep purple with lightning streaks through its face and a mandala on its head, which mirrored the fire dancing behind it. My cockiness got the best of me at the moment. I looked up with the only movable part of my body and said, “that’s great, a crystal skull; what am I supposed to do with that?” At that exact moment, I was released from the psychic hold and opened my eyes in my room, where I could now move my body. “That was new!” I exclaimed and got up without another thought about it.

Two days later, I was watching a live feed from a great friend who was at a Gem Show. She said, “I hope Sarah B isn’t on here because she would kill to see these!” I glanced over to see what they were laughing about, and there she was, the crystal skull that appeared in my journey state days before. I dropped my phone in complete shock. Once I gathered my ability to hold anything in my hands for longer than 10 seconds, I asked her to show them to me privately. To my dismay, the skull had manifested right before my eyes.

This is the story of Annabelle; the Chevron Amethyst skull who found her way into my hands after committing to a huge chunk of money. Money was one of my largest wounds, it left me not fully committing to many things in my life for fear of losing money on “stupid things”. But this wasn’t something I could shake. The experience I had two days prior was not by accident, it was a call I needed to answer. Annabelle came into my life when I needed her the most. Yes, at the end of the day she is a large chunk of stone, but what she mirrors back to me is worth her weight ten times over in gold. When I activated her, she threw me into a catatonic state where I had to change my perception on life in a very short amount of time. To say I changed for the better after this experience is also an understatement. Yes, I went through my darkest shadows, deepest fears and came full circle to my own empowerment. To me, a crystal skull is an exceptional tool in one’s growth and development in today’s world of illusions. Annabelle remains my leading teacher in my practice. She has taught me to be compassionate to all that is and has been, to be at peace with my inner strength, to practice peaceful restraint, and to continually stand up for the empowerment of life on Earth.

Meet Annabelle

The skulls continue to share their wisdom and heal those who are open to bridging their mind to their hearts. There are more stories than I can write at this time. One day they will come to surface as the lessons mend and bloom. The stories are endless, the experiences are heartfelt, and the change is palpable. Stare long enough into the eyes of a crystal skull and you will know the story that blooms or binds you without knowing it.

In Munay,

Sarah Breen