Are you having a LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT moment,
but need some time to manifest the funds?

We are happy to consider a flexible payment plan for you, we just need you to complete the Payment Plan Request form below and our team will review your request and get back to you via email within 2 business days with your next steps.

Payment Plan Terms:  

The Crystal Skull Shaman does offer automated monthly payment plans for up to ten months for items $250 and above.  Each payment plan will include a small service fee and all payment plans must be set up as an automated payment, meaning that your card will be automatically charged by our system each month until the payment terms are complete.  

Once your payment plan request is approved, you will receive an email from our team with a link to process your payment plan, you have 48 hours to initiate your first payment.  Once your payment is received and your automated payments have been set up, we will hold your skull for you until your final payment has been received.  Once your final payment has been received, we will then prepare your skull for shipping.

Submit Your Payment Plan Request
Please Note: Only skulls listed with a list price of $250 or more are eligible for payment plan consideration.
Please Note: We only offer MONTHLY payment plans up to 10 months. Our payment plans are set up as an automated monthly payment and include a small service fee. Once your payment plan terms are approved, our team will notify you with a special payment link to process your payment. Once your first payment is received, your skull will be held for you until your final payment is received.