Policies & Disclaimers

Crystal Skulls Disclaimer / Terms of Condition

Please note that healing crystal meanings and its properties are not equivalent to medical advice or substitute for medical treatment. All information provided about the crystals is a collection of research and experiences. Crystal does effect people differently and should not be based on the written description.

Crystal and stones are made by mother nature, therefore, it is normal to find small holes, formation crack lines, and minerals of another on or inside them. Mother nature is unpredictable in her formations as the is a living being. Natural vugs and crevasses may not be seen in photos or videos as it can be difficult to capture all markings on a stone. Color may vary in different lighting compared to natural light.

All the measurements are taken by eye and approximation. It might be slightly different than the actual size but we give an estimate based on curvature and weight.

We do our best to ensure the colors shown in pictures are as close as to the actual products at the environment where photos are taken. However, color of crystals might vary under different lighting and we cannot guarantee the your device viewing displays the color accuracy.

Videos are meant for showing shape and get a feel for the stone. Despite our best attempts to adjust the color for accordance to the actual item, color might vary based on the camera adjustments with light. Please refer to our photos for better color reference.

Products are considered as sold upon successful sales transaction and Crystal Skull Shaman does not exchange or refund for sold products.

Crystal Skull Shaman is not responsible for sold products that are lost during mail or any delivery issues. Buyer is required to check with the relevant post and delivery service to resolve the issue.