Amethyst Skull

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Weight: 4.10lbs
Dimensions: 4.5×3.5×4.5

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A hand-carved beautiful Amethyst skull by Meena. A skull that creates feminine creation vortexes while holding a high vibrational ray of purple. She will assist you in opening the gates of your heart and feeling life’s pure sacredness. All of your questions have immediate answers for them, and this skull will teach you how to hold a space to know the answer in your awareness.

Amethyst is a purification crystal. It will teach you how to trust life’s process while opening space for your awareness to grow. A happy stone and vibrating purple color will always make you smile. It holds the energy of peace, calm, and serenity.

Weight: 4.10lbs
Dimensions: 4.5×3.5×4.5

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