Pink Calcite Skull


Weight: 210 g

Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x 2 inches approximately

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Small But Mighty

Hand carved in Peru, this small pink calcite is a perfect pocket skull to keep you in balance in a changing world. Down her crown is a division of black geode where she teaches you to embrace the in-between. This is where we need to stand to effectively observe both sides of any situation and make an aligned decision.

Pink Calcite can purify and regulate the meridians and also magnify and purify the spirit. It has the potential to withstand and transmute negative vibes as well. You can never have too many calcites! It is a great stone to combat fatigue, procrastination, and laziness. Throughout the years, I’ve known calcites to help release deep trauma and bring it to light. Once it is within your conscious awareness, calcite helps you see it from a different perspective to heal and let go.



*** All skulls are handled within Shamanic care and honor. Meaning that they sit in ceremonies, assist clients and students, and offer transmissions while waiting for their next Skull Keeper to be called. All skulls remain in my personal collection and are activated by 4 master skulls. These master skulls have been activated by ancient skulls such as Max, Earth Keeper, Sha Na Ra, and more. Each skull plays a pivotal role in the Earth School Shaman’s work and is treated with the utmost respect. Each skull calls out to its next Skull Keeper when the time is right for a transition and transformation. Are you being called?

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